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CBD Pure Calm

Stress affects everyone - whether it be physical or mental. It affects our work,

our relationships, and most chronically, our health, with many diseases having

well-established correlations to the presence of chronic stress. To manage,

some partake in self-care, such as making an appointment for a spa

treatment, while others take supplements, or use essential oils; others may

exercise or meditate, and the list goes on. At HCD Anti-Aging Laboratories,

Inc, researchers have tried to bring together the idea of self-care with

medicine, creating the CBD Pure Calm Mani/Pedi-Pod treatment

containing FDA/OTC approved, medical-grade CBD, along with lavender,

oatmeal, chamomile, and magnesium, all of which have literature to

support their use when it comes to stress-management and overall

health. Medicine doesn’t have to always be scary, or painful; this treatment

hopes to prove just that.

Hemp oil, the main source of CBD, is one of the few oils that contain about

80% polyunsaturated fats in an optimal ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s. In

combination with its high flavonoids, antioxidants, and tocopherols (Vitamin E

derivatives), it can potentially have numerous benefits for the human body,

especially for the skin (1). In regards to the omega content, research

supporting the topical application of hemp oil is in its early stages; however,

there is research supporting the use of other omega-rich oils for skin support.

In 2019, linseed oil, evening primrose oil, and olive oils were found in animal

studies to accelerate wound healing; much of this effect was attributed to

the formation of new microvasculature while modulating inflammatory and

anti-inflammatory pathways (2). Hemp oil, based on its content, should be no

different, hydrating, oxygenating, and reducing inflammation in the skin.

When it comes to direct clinical actions of topical cannabinoids, there is

building evidence pointing towards success when it comes to improving acne,

seborrhea, dermatitis, and overall skin barrier function. Interestingly, the skin

has an endocannabinoid system that is known to maintain skin homeostasis;

abnormalities in this system have been tied to these skin conditions, along

with problems in hair growth and pigmentation. Though more studies are

needed to validate early findings, many researchers are hypothesizing that

CBD, as something that can interact with this intrinsic endocannabinoid

system, holds a lot of therapeutic potential, especially when it comes to

treating dermatologic issues. (3)

Other than using CBD-containing hemp oil, the formulators of the CBD Pure

Calm Mani/PediPod also worked to incorporate traditional herbal modalities

supported by years of clinical use and research. Two of the botanicals -

lavender and chamomile, have benefits when it comes to skin health as well

as the ability to benefit psychological conditions, specifically stress. Topically,

lavender essential oil has been shown in multiple studies to support wound

healing. A review of current research by Samuelson et al in 2020 stated that

many of these studies found the daily application was able to improve healing

time, increase the expression of collagen thereby strengthening the skin,

and enhance the activity of proteins known to be involved in the skin/tissue

remodeling process (4). Chamomile, in one review, was found to reduce

transepithelial water loss, thereby hydrating the skin; this was evidenced by

diminished levels of skin roughness, scaliness, and wrinkles (5). These herbs

together not only calm the skin but also are quite respected when it comes to

calming the mind.

The CBD Pure Calm Mani/PediPod, due to the aromatherapy aspects of

lavender and chamomile, has a direct effect on stress levels. Lavender alone

is possibly the most well-respected and most-researched essential oil - studies

show benefits on stress, depression, and anxiety levels in a number of

situations including the postpartum period, in those recovering from

cardiovascular events, in individuals with job stress, and in patients recovering

from surgery. Chamomile, also well-studied, has been shown to alleviate

depressive symptoms, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and even

modulate the diurnal cortisol pattern in a beneficial way. Citing these

benefits, Ebrahimi et al 2022 studied the effects of both lavender and

chamomile essential oil when inhaled nightly for over one month. They found

both were able to significantly decrease depression, anxiety, and stress levels

in the elderly population they studied.(6) By including both in the CBD Pure

Calm Mani/PediPod, the scent while experiencing treatment should

instill a sense of calm, helping promote self-care.

The last herb included in the CBD Pure Calm Mani/PediPod is Avena sativa,

commonly known as oatmeal. Traditionally, it has been used for centuries on

the skin to treat rashes, burns, eczematous conditions, itching, and redness

(7). Evidence now shows that its success in treating these conditions can be

attributed to avenanthramides, compounds with both anti-inflammatory

and antihistamine mechanisms. The avenanthramides directly inhibit the

release of pro-inflammatory molecules known as cytokines and

histamine. (8) By reducing inflammation and the allergic response, topical

chamomile has the ability to soothe the skin and keep it looking bright and


Magnesium, an important mineral for whole-body vitality, has also been

included. It is used by healthcare professionals as an oral supplement for

various concerns but frequently is also used topically. Epsom salts, a

consumer product containing mainly magnesium salts, are touted to promote

relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and soften and exfoliate the skin.

Currently, research is limited, but physiologically it is well known that

magnesium plays an important role in maintaining the skin barrier,

immune modulation, and hydration (9). This has been seen in more

clinically relevant studies looking at mineral mixes, especially Dead Sea salts,

which are magnesium-rich. In 2005, Proksch et al showed that bathing in these

salts significantly improved skin barrier function as evidenced by improved

hydration, reduced skin roughness, and reduced signs of inflammation in

patients with atopic dry skin or dermatitis (10), which is consistent with the

known roles of magnesium in the body.

These natural and safe compounds are combined with benzalkonium

chloride, a potent FDA-approved antimicrobial that is known to be

minimally irritating to the skin. Researchers have worked diligently to combine

the traditional medicinal philosophies with modern medicine providing a new,

novel way to support patients suffering from various skin conditions. The CBD

Pure Calm Mani/PediPod formula, containing medical-grade FDA/OTC-

approved CBD, lavender, chamomile, oatmeal, and magnesium, truly

combines beauty, health, and self-care. It successfully provides a spa

treatment, while clinically reducing stress levels, and supporting the health

and vitality of the skin, while being supported by years of scientific research.

Dr. Mary Hall, ND, LAc

Medical Writer and Medical Advisory Board


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